Labour Law Advisor Academy

P.I. Jain offers consultancy regarding all types of labour laws and act that may apply to a particular business. Since the registration process of these several laws too complex and time consuming, we at P.I. Jain take all the responsibilities of getting your business registered in all such laws that apply. Not only the registration, these laws also require you to maintain and file appropriate records and fulfil their compliances. Let us worry about your annual compliances, registration, payroll processing and all the things required by these acts at the best prices in the market.

P.I. Jain has been in this industry since 1977 and is managing the above-mentioned process for more than 450 companies in Jaipur, Jodhpur and Mumbai.

Our Core Team

Sh. Indermal Jain (LLB, DCLL)
Technical Manager
Sh. Pradeep Jain (B.E., BIT Banglore)
Legal Manager
Mrs Harsha Jain (LL.B, DCLL)
Accounts Manager
Mrs Shilpi Jain (CA)
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